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Nick Cold

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Posted by  Venerdì, 09-06-2019
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About: Nick Cold (*28 December 1978, as Urs Stettler in Basel, Switzerland)

is Singer, Composer and Lyricist. His passion for music goes back a long time and he perfectly remember writing his first lyrics and composing tunes at the age of 5. Quite early he founded his first school band, however it broke up soon because none of the other bandmates took it as seriously as he did. This experience led he to train his singing voice even more. He became a member of several choirs, took vocal lessons and even had the chance to work as a studio vocalist for well-known stars like e.g. Nena. Finally, in 1998 he decided to go his own musical way and setup a Eurodance project. Over the following years and alongside several other collaborations, he was able to deepen my experiences as a singer, rapper, lyricist and composer.

After 18 years of leading various projects, he decided to go solo in 2016 as "Nick Cold" and explore new musical directions. Deep lyrics, catchy hooks and versatile songwriting result in suprisingly versatile songs which are nevertheless always recognizable as being "Nick Cold". He worked with: Nena, Phil Carmen, Bo Katzman and many more.. - first singing and stage successes in child choir (CD recordings / Tour CH/D) - vocal training and. Studio singer Jobs (NDW-Queen „Nena") - 1998 - 2016 Singer, Songwriter various Pop, Dance projects (appearances and Charts Placements in D/A/CH) - 2016 Solo carrier as Nick Cold: - Top Charts Placements (No. 1 in WDC50 Charts / Off. Schwiss Dance Charts) - No.1 in US ITunes Dance Charts on Compilation "EDM2019" (6 Weeks Top10) - Worldwide in Rotations and Radioshows at big radiostations - great Pressewirbel in Singapore of release of "Human" - more than 1 Mio Streams on Spotify,

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